Man Throws Woman Who Didn’t Love Him Back From 19th Floor to Her Death in China

Man Throws Woman Who Didn’t Love Him Back From 19th Floor to Her Death in China
Carl Samson
August 25, 2017
A Chinese man pushed his love interest from the 19th floor of an apartment block to her death after learning that she was dating someone else.
The tragic incident occurred in Hangzhou, China on March 21, 2017. Details emerged from the resulting court case on Wednesday, August 23rd.
The 27-year-old man, surnamed Xue, is awaiting sentencing for killing a 26-year-old woman that he had previously pursued for eight years, AsiaOne reported. They were classmates in high school.
Xue’s feelings grew stronger for the woman when he left for college in the United States. Those feelings were one-sided, however, as she rejected him and repeatedly reasoned that they needed to know each other better.
According to local reports, Xue is one of China’s “rich second generation” kids. He claimed buying the woman luxury bags and jewelry amounting to 30,000 to 40,000 yuan ($45,125 to $60,170). He also took her on expensive vacations twice.
The two eventually became housemates in February, and that’s when things went downhill; soon, Xue found a picture of the woman with another man displayed on a frame near her bed.
“I’ve pursued her for eight years and she had never agreed to take a picture with me,” he told the court according to South China Morning Post.
On the night of March 20, he heard the woman talking about him to another person over the phone: 
“She said I was after her but that she found me unlikeable. I couldn’t sleep that night and felt very pained”.
In deep sorrow, Xue stormed to the woman’s room the next morning and locked it from the inside. A flatmate claimed hearing the woman’s screams but was unfortunately unable to open the door.
When Xue finally came out and was confronted, he admitted, “I pushed her down.”
Investigations later revealed that Xue searched for terms like “suicide” and “sentence for murder” on his computer.
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