Man in Thailand Assaults Two Women After They Refused to Give Their Number

Rejection in the dating world is never a nice feeling, but a man from Thailand took things to an unacceptable level when a woman refused to give him her number.

According to AsiaOne, the viral video shows the man going berserk and physically assaulting two women after one refused to give him her number.

The unidentified 26-year-old man, who reportedly works at the mall, can be seen approaching two women who were seated at a porridge shop in Koh Samui. He asked one of the women for her number but after the woman rejected the man, he knocked the table which caused a bowl of porridge to spill on the woman’s legs.

The woman, who obviously got upset at his actions, threw her drink at the man. The two exchanged threats and threw things at each other before things escalated to a physical fight.

The man who threatened the two women and pretended to be the son of a policeman punched one of the women. When her friend attempted to intervene, he grabbed her by the neck and pushed the other woman away. The unidentified man managed to land another punch on the woman’s face.

The woman has already filed a report to the police but charges were dropped after the man offered 10,000 Baht ($288) for damages.

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