Man Imitates That Text-to-Speech Voice and Totally Nails It

Man Imitates That Text-to-Speech Voice and Totally Nails It
Bryan Ke
April 10, 2019
A YouTuber is making a lot of jaws drop with his nearly perfect imitation of the text-to-speech robot voice, that you might even think that he is the real one. 
The man, who runs the YouTube channel Alex, posted a video on Apr. 8 where he perfectly imitates the text-to-speech voice as he reads the intro of “The Flash,” according to Mashable.
His take on the voice is so spot-on that a lot of people in the comment requested for Alex to do prank calls using his text-to-speech impression.
After the video went viral, which has already amassed 87,000 views on YouTube, Alex posted another video where he teaches people how to do the voice.
Change your resonance (feel like you’re chewing and swallowing sounds), use repetitive melodic lines, add some random pitch jumps here and there, use vocal fry to end most lines, and practice with a script while listening to the bot you want to imitate,” he wrote in the video description to summarize the points he made.
Featured image screenshot via YouTube / Alex
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