Man Awarded $2400 After Suing Pizza Hut For ‘Excessively Hard Croutons’

Remember when that one woman was initially awarded $2.9 million after suing McDonald’s over their coffee being too hot? A suit decided against Pizza Hut last week joins the legacy.

A Roane County, Tennessee judge awarded Everett Chatman $2,400, interest and court costs last Friday for the damages in his case against Pizza Hut, which claimed that the pizza restaurant served too-crunchy croutons.

Chatman sued the pizza chain after breaking his partial denture trying to bite into “excessively hard croutons” the restaurant had “negligently” served to him.

“We tried to work it out with their insurance company, but they never wanted to talk,” his attorney, Mark Foster, told Roane County News. “So we went ahead and filed.”

When Foster was asked whether his client was happy with the case’s outcome, Foster said, “I think so.”

h/t: Buzzfeed
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