Man Sues Hospital in China for $200,000 For Giving Him to the Wrong Parents in 1989

Man Sues Hospital in China for $200,000 For Giving Him to the Wrong Parents in 1989

August 4, 2017
A man in China has filed charges against a hospital for wrongfully giving him to the wrong parents after he was born in February 1989.
Now 28 years old, the man, surnamed Wang, is joined by his mom, surnamed Zhang in suing Shanghai No. 1 Maternity and Children’s Health Hospital for the mistake. They are both seeking 1.3 million yuan ($194,000) in compensation
Zhang would also like to find out what happened to her real biological son, Shanghaiist reports.
According to Wang, his relatives and friends have often pointed out how he appears to look different from his father. The jokes eventually turned into malicious rumors suggesting that Wang’s mom had had an affair, resulting in his parents’ divorce in 2004.
When the family decided to finally undergo a blood test in 2011, they learned that Wang indeed had no blood relation to his father. Another test conducted in 2016 would later prove that the woman Wang knew as his mother for 27 years was also not related to him.
After mulling over what to do about their discovery, Wang and Zhang decided to file a case against the hospital for the error that caused a massive impact in their lives.
Zhang noted that she had tried to seek help from the hospital before but she was told that the records were long gone when she asked for some information about what happened in 1989.
She revealed that after giving birth via cesarean section 28 years ago, nurses took her baby for tests. She remembered that when the baby was finally returned to her three days later, he had to be breastfed by another mother because the infant refused her milk.
In a statement, the Shanghai hospital pledged to take responsibility if it did indeed commit an error with a promise to help Zhang find her real son and Wang, his actual parents.
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