Man Doesn’t Shower for a Month to Live in Car and Stalk Ex-Girlfriend He ‘loves so much’

Man Doesn’t Shower for a Month to Live in Car and Stalk Ex-Girlfriend He ‘loves so much’

July 8, 2019
A man in China took crazy to a whole new level after camping in his car for one whole month to stalk his ex-girlfriend.
The man, identified as “Liu,” met his former girlfriend, “Tang,” through an online game in September 2017, according to Sina News.
At the time, Liu was a married man, while Tang discovered the painful reality one and a half years later.
After learning that she had become a mistress, Tang immediately called the relationship off.
Liu, however, was deeply in love with Liu that he ended up divorcing his wife to pursue his ex-girlfriend.
For two years, Liu stalked Tang — who has already found new love — which at one point ended in a major car accident.
“Tang.” Image via Pear Video
Tang decided to move from her hometown in Hunan to Jiangsu, hoping to find peace.
However, in an unfortunate sequel of events, Liu managed to locate her whereabouts through a high-speed rail ticketing system.
After hundreds of test trips and detective-level work to find Tang, Liu decided to camp in his car, waiting for the perfect opportunity to reconnect.
That moment finally arrived on the night of May 24, when he broke into Tang’s home and strangled her with his bare hands.
Tang shares her story. Image via Pear Video
Tang, who fortunately escaped, nearly fainted during the struggle due to Liu’s horrible odor, which apparently resulted from his month-long lack of shower.
Police eventually arrested Liu, who defended his actions by arguing that he only “loved her too much.”
Image via Pear Video
“I really love her. I just want us to get back together,” Liu said. “This is why I made mistakes.”
Police are still investigating the case. Weibo users weighed in on the matter:
“He must have looked like a werewolf.”
“It’s not just terrorists who use chemical weapons.”
“What’s really impressive is this man’s stalking skills.”
“I hope the police continues to monitor this man even after his release.”
“If you have the guts to get into a divorce, everything else would be nonsense.”
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