Man Sprints Across Train Tracks in Tokyo After Getting Caught Filming Up Woman’s Skirt

Man Sprints Across Train Tracks in Tokyo After Getting Caught Filming Up Woman’s Skirt
Carl Samson
By Carl Samson
October 11, 2018
A Japanese man was arrested after attempting a daring escape across train tracks after getting caught filming up a woman’s skirt.
Yoshimasa Nozaki, 45, admitted to closely filming the woman’s butt from his position during a train ride in Tokyo on Tuesday.
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The 29-year-old woman eventually noticed and called him out, “You’re filming me, aren’t you?”
Nozaki got off the train in Shinjuku station, but the woman followed and reported him to a station attendant.
That’s when Nozaki jumped down the platform and ran across tracks, making his way to a maintenance building that led him out of the station.
However, staff at the station had already informed the police, who arrested him about an hour after his escape.
Nozaki was found at a commercial site still in the neighborhood, presumably because he was hesitant to board another train at the risk of being discovered.
He admitted to the woman’s accusations, but pointed out that he was not expecting to be arrested just because he filmed her.
Nozaki was charged for violating a municipal ordinance on nuisance prevention, but his punishment is yet to be set, Sankei News reported.
“There is no mistake that I did what the woman says I did…[but] I didn’t think I’d get arrested just for filming her,” SoraNews24 quoted him as saying.
Japanese netizens called for justice on Twitter:
“Shoot him!”
“It would’ve been better if he died.”
“I think I might shoot him with a tranquilizer gun.”
“I wish he died. What an annoying idiot.”
Images via Twitter / @PSJ_kattyan
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