Man crawling out of spa in China to avoid paying captured on video

Man crawling out of spa in China to avoid paying captured on video
Man Flees Spa
Michelle De Pacina
December 14, 2021
A man in China was caught on camera sneaking out of a spa to avoid paying. 
The incident: The man managed to escape by surreptitiously crawling out of the spa in Chuzhou, Anhui Province, on Dec. 7, reported Newsflare.
  • According to South China Morning Post, the man reportedly snuck out of the spa at around 5 a.m. after checking in at 9 a.m. the day before. 
  • Mr. Li, identified as the man in charge of the spa, said that the man received expensive treatments and owed 500 yuan ($79) to the business. 
  • In the now-viral video, which was uploaded to YouTube by South China Morning Post on Dec. 9, shows the man noticing the receptionist had fallen asleep before taking the opportunity to escape without paying. 
  • The business has since contacted the police; however, the CCTV footage appeared to be too blurry to identify the man’s face. He has not been found.     
Reactions: While some online criticized the man for escaping, many others made light of the situation.
  • One YouTube comment, which has received over 6,500 likes, stated, “Humanity exists. The man teaching us to be kind and to be respectful especially when someone is sleeping and tired.”
  • Many joked that the man was “caring,” with one user writing, e even wiped the floor while leaving the spa.”
  • “He even crawled just to make sure the receptionist doesn’t wake up, what a caring guy,” another user said.
  • Viewers were also worried the receptionist may lose their job. “I’m not sure whose life is in danger, the sneaking customer or the sleeping receptionist. Why not both?” a user asked. 
  • “Why even go there if you do not wish to pay? Everyone is trying to make a living and hope the receptionist was not punished,” another commented.
Featured Image via Newsflare
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