Man Smacks Child For Peeing on Sidewalk in China, Becomes a Hero on Social Media

It’s never okay to hit a child, especially if it’s not yours, but one man is being praised online for teaching an 8-year-old boy a lesson after he was caught urinating on a sidewalk in China.

Surveillance footage from May 29 captured the man taking a stroll on the sidewalk near a supermarket in Nantong, Jiangsu Province, according to Shanghaiist.

The man, who is reportedly in his 30s, did a double take and after seeing what the kid was up to, he walks up to him and give the boy a smack on the face with the back of his right hand.

The boy’s face was left red and swollen, and his parents eventually filed a report of the incident with the police.

Officers have since arrested the man who faces up to 1,000 yuan ($147) in fines.

However,  the man has since earned praise from Chinese netizens for teaching the child a lesson.

I want to give this man a thumbs up,” the top comment on Weibo reads.

Although hitting people is not right, I can’t help but praise this man,” another commented.

One user even went on to suggest that “if his parents aren’t going to teach him, then society is.

Watch footage of the incident below:

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