Man Reportedly Harpooned With Chinese Spear, Miraculously Survives

A man from Huangshan in Anhui Province, China was rushed to the Huangshan Municipal People’s Hospital on December 8 because he had a red cherry spear, an ancient classical Chinese weapon with a sharp dagger in the front attached to a long stick, lodged deeply into his back.

According to Apple Daily, medical personnel were afraid to pull the spear out for fear of severe bleeding, so they immediately referred him to another hospital better equipped to handle his unique situation.

Officials stated that the spear, which was at least two meters long, was partially sawn off to better assist in patient mobility.

Why the man was stabbed is not currently known; apparently, he was in a vehicle at the time when the would-be assassin threw the staff from behind through the wind shield.

The incident is currently being investigated by police.

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