Man Recreates That Iconic ‘THX’ Note Before Movies With His Own Voice, Nails It

Many motion pictures company often have memorable theme music or sound effect in cinema, and this includes the American company THX’s “Deep Note” theme sound that’s been embedded into the minds of many people, particularly those who follow Lucasfilm’s movies.

As part of THX’s 35th year anniversary, the company officially released the sheet music for their theme sound for fans to recreate, whether through their own synthesizers, musical instruments, or heck, even their own voice like what Mach Kobayashi did.

To fully recreate the “Deep Note,” or at least something close to it, Kobayashi had to hit all of the notes that were shown in the sheet music. This means that he w had to split-screen himself into a choir and record the videos with each note, according to Sploid.

It started off a bit creepy, like a beast from the netherworld trying to sing side-by-side with human choirs, but luckily, the sound starts to become a bit familiar through the middle of the “Deep Note” theme up to the end.

Here’s the original sound for comparison.

A lot of people in the YouTube comment section really loved what Kobayashi did with the nostalgic theme sound and how he showcased his vocal range.

The original sound was actually created using synthetic sound through computer codes on a machine that Lucasfilm built. The man who developed the tune was James A. Moorer, who, a few decades back, also created the Audio Signal Processor (ASP) which developed sounds heard in Star Wars and Indiana Jones films, according to Fastcodesign.

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