Man Quits His Job to Make Money as a Pokémon Go Club Promoter

Pokémon Go has become a lot more than a game for many of its hardcore fans. For players like 24-year-old Benny Affonso, it has also become part of their lifestyle.
Affonso, considered as one of the top players in Los Angeles, even left his job so he can better focus on the game. The player known as Asmorsis is currently at level 33.
In an interview with Business Insider, Affonso revealed that joining events is one of his most favorite components of the game as it brings people together. It is also the one thing from the game where he believes he can make money out of.
“I’m extremely poor,” Affonso said. “I was a cashier [at a grocery store] before this.” He also shared that he also worked as a Burger King manager and as part-time painting teacher.
He now thinks he can make the game profitable for him by taking the role of a Pokémon Go club promoter. The plan is to have businesses pay him to use his high level player status to bring people to events.
“It’s so simple!” he said, noting that those who are not capitalizing on Pokémon Go for their businesses are making a mistake. “You are missing out on money.”
Affonso is banking on the competitive aspect of the game, where teams battle it out to take control of virtual Pokémon Go Gyms.
Such dynamic of the game allows for its spontaneity where players need to be there in person to participate. Affonso shared an event at the Wiltern in Los Angeles last week, where a number of players participated in the battles to hold a “Gym” for a certain period. Affonso led his team Instinct to dominate the contest.
During the event, Affonso gave out his advice to his team on using the game’s bugs to work to their advantage. “That’s how we win,” he said. “Information.”
As a diehard player, Affonso plays Pokémon Go throughout the day wearing his Pokémon trainer get up outside as he roams for new finds. Fellow players easily recognize him and would sometimes approach him for a chat.

“I’ve made so many friends,” he said. Affonso loves the social aspect of the game the most and making money out of it would make it even more enjoyable for him.
“There’s this sense of discovery, beating the odds, making friends, leveling up to get stronger,” he said. “Real life just can’t emulate.”
Last month, Tom Curie from New Zealand also quit his job not to earn some money off the game, but to be the best Pokémon trainer in the world.
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