Man Pretends to Be in Leonardo DiCaprio’s Entourage, Sneaks into Mayweather/Pacquiao Fight VIP Section

One lucky nobody was able to sneak into the Pacquiao-Mayweather fight VIP section and take photos with a dozen celebrities without ever being kicked out.
Twenty-four-year-old Steve Carruthers donned his finest suit and waited outside of the MGM Grand Hotel on the night of the fight. When he saw Leonardo DiCaprio come in with his entourage, he blended in and followed them into the VIP bar where he mingled with A-listers all night.
Carruthers did buy a $3,000 ticket to the event, but his seats weren’t anywhere near the ringside VIP section. He decided to sneak in to see just how lucky he could get, according to the Daily Mail.

“It was quite hard. You’ve got to have the balls to do it.

“If I was in jeans and trainers I don’t think it would have worked. Everyone was suited and booted so I just blended in.”

“I was outside and I saw Leo DiCaprio – he had a cap on and his sunglasses and head down so that nobody recognised him, but I did and followed him in.

“I just walked in with him to the ballroom after tagging on with about six of his entourage. He went straight to the bar and that was where he took off his cap.

“He said he didn’t do photos but he was really polite and shook my hand.”

“He went towards the ring side so I just followed him in there and that was where I met loads of people and took a selfie with Mark Wahlberg. He was really nice and did a shout out on my phone.”

During the fight, Carruthers had to take his assigned seat, but he dipped back into the VIP section after the fight to see if he could meet the fighters.

“I just waited outside their dressing rooms and just avoided eye contact with anyone. Manny was the first one to come out and I took a photo with him.

“He was really nice considering he had just lost the biggest fight of his career. Nobody was asking who I was so I just stuck around and waited for Floyd to come out.”

“He was really cool and had a huge entourage. I asked him for a photograph and also an autograph and I was walking with him.

“He said it was okay to walk along with him, but he had to go do an interview right then.

“The MGM security said I had no accreditation on, but he said ‘I got him’ and said it was fine, he said ‘just leave him, don’t worry it’s fine.’ 

“I got one and I was going to leave it but he got security to take quite a few photos. He was really, really nice.”

Carruthers was also able to buddy up and take photos with several celebrities including Christian Bale, Paris Hilton, Donald Trump, Michael J. Fox, Macklemore, a couple of Jonas Brothers, Dan Bilzerian, Michael Keaton, Don Cheadle and Jimmy Kimmel.
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