Man Pinches Woman’s Butt in Thailand, Her Boyfriend Responds With a Knife

A 21-year-old Australian tourist was injured with a knife after he grabbed a woman’s butt at a nightclub in Thailand.

Jaydon Sienkiewicz was out partying with his Australian father, Thai stepmother Khumkhun Songnangrong, and eight others at the Mixx Discotheque club on Walking Street in Pattaya at 4 a.m. on Thursday, the Daily Mail reported.

A drunk Sienkiewicz went to use the restroom and CCTV shows him standing across a Thai woman who had her arms around a man believed to be her boyfriend. That’s when the tourist reached out and groped the woman’s backside.

The woman’s boyfriend can be seen pushing her out of the way and pouncing at Sienkiewicz before three people try to subdue the attacker. The tourist walked away as he pulled up his shirt to find a knife wound, stumbling back to his father and stepmother’s table.

Sienkiewicz, who is now in stable condition, was taken to Pattaya Hospital where he was treated for blood loss and organ damage. His stepmother told authorities that she does not know why anybody would hurt her stepson.

Thai police are now using the CCTV footage to identify the boyfriend.

Sienkiewicz was given 5,000 baht ($156.20) for his medical bills, despite him grabbing another woman, according to The Sun.

“We captured the scene before the incident,” said Police Lieutenant Sombat Kaewmumpung, Deputy Police Inspector of Pattaya City Police. “The injured man was drinking at the pub table the touched the woman’s bottom. It caused the offender to bring a knife out.”

Police have put out a warrant for the unnamed suspect, whom they believe is a westerner who might have fled the country on Thursday. 

Featured Image via YouTube / (Left): Daily Mail | (Right): Daily Mail

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