Man in Pikachu Costume Arrested After Trying to Jump Over White House Fence for YouTube Fame

A man from Somerset, Kentucky was recently arrested for jumping over a restricted area at the White House while wearing a Pikachu costume — all for YouTube fame.

Curtis Combs, 36, was arrested last Tuesday around 9:35 a.m. for jumping over the south side of “The People’s House”, between the South Lawn and Ellipse. A Secret Service agent ordered him to stop climbing the fence, which was marked with “Restricted Area Do Not Enter,” Washington Examiner reported.

Image via Wikimedia Commons / Daniel Schwen (CC BY-SA 3.0)

However, jumping over the White House fence is nothing new. This has been done countless of times before by other visitors, but not while wearing a Pikachu costume. For those who don’t know, Pikachu is the yellow rodent-like creature that is often featured in “Pokemon”.

Combs was apprehended by authorities after reaching the private side of the barrier. He was not able to fully finish his recording because of how prompt the officers were in preventing him from jumping over.

He also dropped a bag on the public side of the fence, but police later cleared that it wasn’t a threat.

Combs told one officer that he “wanted to become famous and thought jumping the White House fence and posting it to YouTube would make him famous.”

Because of his attempt to gain fame on YouTube, Combs is now being charged with Unlawful Entry, NBC 4 Investigative Reporter, Scott McFarlane, said in a Twitter post.

After being caught, Combs told the police that he wanted to return to the White House for a tour with his son, but this is unlikely to happen. If found guilty, the 36-year-old man would reportedly most likely be on the ban list.

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