Man Orders a Razor off Chinese App, Gets a Potato in a Box

Man Orders a Razor off Chinese App, Gets a Potato in a Box
Bryan Ke
March 29, 2018
A man identified by his surname Liu had the most WTF moment of his life when he ordered a razor online — only to receive a potato in the mail instead.
The man, believed to be from northwestern China’s Shaanxi Province, made his order through a local online shopping application called Pinduoduo.
According to Sixth Tone, the app offers a unique promotion to its consumers by dropping prices through its group buy discounts. Basically, the more people that buy through the app, the greater the discount.
In the case of Liu, however, he shared the shopping link for the razor he wanted to buy on social media. Then, 500 friends helped him bring down the price from 120 yuan ($19) to 0.
On the day of the delivery, he was surprised by the contents of the box. Instead of a razor, Liu received a potato.
It is unclear what message the vendor was trying to send with this delivery. But in modern internet pop culture, a potato could mean a lot of things, and in this case, it’s probably a sign of trolling.
Liu tried to contact the vendor. He was promised a razor, but sadly, the vendor did not offer any kind of explanation as to why they sent him a potato. Pinduoduo is reportedly investigating the man’s case.
Images via Weibo
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