Man Molests Schoolgirl on Bus, Driver Takes Him Straight to the Police Station in China

A pervert was arrested last month in Yibin, southwestern China’s Sichuan Province after passengers prevented him from escaping when he tried to molest a schoolgirl on a crowded bus.

In the surveillance footage from inside the bus, the unidentified schoolgirl can be heard shouting, “you pervert!”

After the initial encounter, she moved to the back part of the bus while crying, but the man eventually tried to follow her.

That’s when the culprit was confronted by the passengers for his sick behavior. The public immediately surrounded the man and prevented him from leaving the bus.

Passengers then called the police after they successfully cornered the creepy man, according to Shanghaiist.

Meanwhile, the bus driver changed course to the nearest police station where some of the passengers exited the vehicle to voluntarily give their testimony to the police.

After hearing the passengers’ testimonies, investigators confirmed that the man had publicly molested the schoolgirl while on board the crowded bus. He was detained by the police for five days as punishment.

Crowded buses, trains, and subways have always been the target of sexual predators. In Japan, a sex predator was recently caught on video molesting a Japanese woman on a subway station. The man’s identity remains unclear and he is still on the loose.

Images Screenshot via 1视频

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