Man Lodges Metal Chopstick Up His Own Penis

Man Lodges Metal Chopstick Up His Own PenisMan Lodges Metal Chopstick Up His Own Penis
Ryan General
November 14, 2016
A Chinese man is now recovering at a hospital in Hangzhou after doctors successfully removed a chopstick from his penis.
The man, identified only by his surname Chen, reportedly decided it was a good idea to ram a 7-inch long stainless-steel chopstick into his manhood after finding some blood in his urine.
Chen was too shy to consult a doctor about his alarming discovery and resorted to attempting to identify the cause of his illness by himself, Asia Wire reported (via Fox News).
Not being able to remove it later after the painful insertion, the man was eventually forced to seek medical help and undergo surgery.
The patient would later explain that he thought there was a problem with his urethra, so he inserted the chopstick to investigate. Hospital scans revealed that the chopstick had reached the man’s rectal wall and if was pushed any further, it could have killed him.
It was not reported, however, if Chen suffered any long-term damage.
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