Chinese Woman Drags Man on a Leash Through the Streets, Baffles the Internet

Bizarre photos of a woman in China taking a man on a dog leash for a stroll across a road are sparking massive amounts of “WTFs” after emerging on Chinese social media recently.

The perplexing images showed the woman tugging the man on a leash while he crawls like a dog, complete with what appeared to be pads on his knees.

The weird sight was reportedly documented on September 9 in Fuzhou, China according to the People’s Daily Online (via Daily Mail).

Causing unnecessary traffic jams, the stunt the pair pulled eventually forced people to call authorities to deal with them. The woman was eventually persuaded by police to free the guy from his leash. No other details were provided regarding the pair’s behavior that stunned many onlookers.

A post under the topic ‘things around Fuzhou’ on the social media site Weibo on September 9 featured the photos with the title: “The man was tied and said to the crowd, he is not a person, he is a dog.”

Confused netizens aired their view on the matter with some questioning what happened to the guy’s dignity and others just stating how odd the photos were.

As of this writing, the reason for the pair’s stunt remains a mystery.

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