Foreigner Joins Street Performers in Japan for One Epic Impromptu Show

Foreigner Joins Street Performers in Japan for One Epic Impromptu Show

April 15, 2019
An impromptu performance is always a delight to watch especially when it happens spontaneously on the street much like what was recently captured on film, when a man casually sings improvised lyrics while street performers in Japan do what they do best.
The male foreigner, whose identity was not revealed but is believed to frequent the streets of Kobe, Hyogo prefecture, Japan can be seen suddenly joining a group of street performers as he belts out impromptu lyrics to their music, according to SoraNews24.
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In the clip, which has been posted online by Twitter user @funky_rhythm_, the man jumps into the performance of the Japanese street musicians who are playing the cajon, bass, and electric guitar.
As they play their soulful funky beats, the man casually belts improvised lyrics and jams with the band, simultaneously surprising and entertaining the crowds who watch in awe as he effortlessly blends into the group he has encountered less than a minute ago.
Then, moments later, the group blows the crowd away with their own marvelous bass, guitar, and beats.
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Once again, the bassist signals the man to enter the bars again in amazing timing, thus ending one of the most chilling impromptu breakdowns ever.
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Meanwhile, netizens sent positive feedback regarding the jaw-dropping performance. Here’s what some of them wrote, as translated by SoraNews24:
“Stress-free people like him are so different from Japanese people.”
“Someone please use it in a car or Apple commercial. Even a coffee ad would be perfect.”
“I’m envious of their talents.”
“This is how bands should form.”
“Watching this makes me wonder why we have such things like countries in the first place. It’s amazing how we can understand each other even if we live in different places and speak different languages.”
No one really knows who this guy is, but one comment in the Twitter thread from user @Gou_1130 shared a clip of the man singing with strangers.
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The performance was so well-received that the audience can even be seen and heard clapping, dancing to the rhythm, and just simply having fun.
Watch their full performance below and be amazed.
Featured image screenshot via YouTube / 正垣雄治
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