Man in Indonesia Chops Wife’s Foot Off in Front of Children After Suspecting an Affair

Man in Indonesia Chops Wife’s Foot Off in Front of Children After Suspecting an Affair
Bryan Ke
By Bryan Ke
September 11, 2017
An Indonesian husband, in a fit of rage, had chopped off his wife’s foot after suspecting she was cheating on him all while in front of their two children.
The gruesome incident happened on Tuesday, Sept. 5, in Badung, Indonesia. According to Tribun Bali, Kadek Adi Waisaka Putra accused his wife, Putu Careen, of having an affair. The lover’s quarrel soon turned bloody after the man reportedly hacked the victim’s leg, resulting in a severed foot.
Image via GoFundMe
After the assault, the man is said to have come to his senses and rushed his severely injured wife to a nearby clinic. He was arrested not long after arriving at the clinic and it is believed that he could face 10 years of prison time for the assault.
Authorities, meanwhile, will help the children with their medical needs after witnessing the horrible fight. “Because this happened in Badung, TP2PA (police’s women and children’s protection unit) will plan to help psychiatric and psychological issues moving forward,” a legal aid advisor told Tribune Bali, as translated by AsiaOne.
A lot of people, after hearing the gruesome tale, joined hands to support Putu and her two children. Rohan Leonardo, Putu’s friend, helped the woman by setting up a GoFundMe page to give aid to her and her two children.
Not only is this one of the most vile and vindictive acts of violence I’ve ever witnessed, the worst part is that in Indonesia there is limited welfare or government assistance for medical treatment of this kind,” Leonardo explained in the post.
This incident has left Putu without the ability to work to support her 2 children, pay for immediate medical treatment, prosthetic legs or obtain any kind of rehabilitation. All proceeds will be used for Putus expenses and all remaining money will be given directly to Putu, via monthly salary or immediate necessity, to provide for herself and her children.”
People are, of course, worried that her husband or his family might try and take advantage of the situation and take the money raised. Luckily, Leonardo reassured everyone that this is all taken care of.
Our team is currently working on creating an offshore account managed for Putu that cannot be touched by the husband or his family, to ensure that all proceeds go directly to helping out Putu and her 2 children,” he said, as a reply to one of the users who commented.
Putu is now recovering from the traumatizing incident, as seen on the update posted in the page.
Putu is in high spirits today, thanks to all of the love and support she has received from all over the world,” the post wrote accompanied by a picture of her along with a female friend named Sam. “She has received medical treatment, she is awake and smiling and laughing with her friends. Thanks to everyone’s support her initial medical bills will be taken care of upon her release from hospital when she recovers. She sends her love to every single one of you.”
The GoFundMe page for Putu has reached $62,372 of its $100,000 goal at the time of writing.
Images via GoFundMe
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