Video: Man tells Asian bus driver in Sydney to ‘go back to China’ after she asks him to wear a mask

A COVID-19 denier was filmed hurling abusive and xenophobic remarks at an Asian female driver purportedly in Sydney, Australia, after she told him to wear a mask before boarding her bus.

The video, shared by TikTok account @sydneytrainmemes, shows the female bus driver trying to stop a male passenger from boarding because he was not wearing a mask, a requirement for riders of public transport in New South Wales. The man proceeds to enter the bus despite her protest.

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You are not gonna f*cking push me,” the man can be heard saying. “F*ck you, I’m not doing it. It’s over, COVID’s a scam and I’m not sick, f*ck you.”

The man goes straight to his seat as the woman yells at him to get off the bus. He orders the woman to drive the bus and resorts to xenophobic remarks.

No, you go back to China,” the man says as he mocks her accent. “You shut your mouth. This is Australia, f*ck you.”

The female driver then calls the man “stupid,” to which he replies, “No, you’re stupid. You’re spreading the fear, I’m not vaccinated, I’m free.”

After the exchange, the man can be seen addressing the situation to the other passengers, saying, “There you go, ladies and gentleman, that gronk has a go at me for no mask. Three years into a so-called pandemic and people are still not woken up to the bullsh*t. Shame on you.”

It is unclear exactly where and when the incident occurred.

The video, which has garnered over 159,000 views as of this writing, drew wide-ranging comments from users. Some in the video’s comment section called out the passengers for not stepping in – including the person filming the incident – while others voiced their support for the man.

So many great people not defending the poor lady,” one user wrote.

So u record, but not stand up for the poor woman driving you?” another wrote.

Good on him!!! Need more like him,” another user who appears to be in support of the man’s point wrote.

The fact he had to ride the bus silently after he ranted was even more embarrassing,” another user wrote.

Featured Image via @sydneytrainmemes

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