Man From Hong Kong Spends $800 a Month to Look Like a Human Ken Doll

A merchandiser who vows to continue having plastic surgeries until he looks like a Ken doll has been turning heads and loving it.

Jonny Dylan, who was raised in Hong Kong, spends around $800 on a monthly basis to maintain his eye-catching look.

Image via Instagram / jonathandylan

In an interview with Barcroft TV, Jonny shared that it all started when he got his first Ken doll:

“When I was five years old, I got my first Ken doll. It was a Malibu Ken. He had blonde highlights, blue eyes, and dark eyelashes. He was tan with good bone structure.”

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As it turned out, that toy became his definition of “perfection.”

“When I first saw the Ken doll, I knew that that was what perfection meant to me. I knew that I was going to pursue that.”

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Jonny now lives in Vancouver with his boyfriend Joel, a heavy duty mechanic who strongly opposes his lifestyle.

“We are total opposites. I think plastic surgery and stuff is a waste of money. I don’t judge anyone but I would never get anything done myself,” Joel said.

Image via Instagram / jonathandylan

“I do worry about the amount of procedures Jonny goes through because I think it is quite extreme and could be dangerous.”

However, there’s no stopping Jonny in the foreseeable future. The 27-year-old plans to continue having Botox injections, fillers and considers getting a nose job soon.

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While Jonny is currently known for having big lips, he is far from satisfied. He reportedly struggles closing them.

“I’m still not happy with the size though, I want them to be much bigger. I was refused fillers recently because the doctor thought my lips were already really big and that it would be dangerous to get more filler.”

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Jonny, who started getting fillers three years ago, completes his “Ken look” with eye-color changing contact lenses, make-up and artificial tan. He also maintains perfectly-manicured nails.

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He also shared that his boyfriend likes him “a little more” without the make-up. They met on Grindr and have been together for two years.

“Joel loves my look, he met me like this. He thought I was drop dead gorgeous when he met me. But he does like me a little more on a natural side. He likes how I look at home without the make-up. He loves the way I look without the fillers.”

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“Joel doesn’t really like plastic surgeries and fillers and Botox and all that stuff. He definitely would never do any of that. He is a manly guy and doesn’t care for any of that.”

Meanwhile, Jonny’s family has no issues with him wearing make-up, though his mother wasn’t particularly happy about it at first.

Image via Instagram / jonathandylan

“My parents’ reaction when I first starting wearing make-up was not that great. Especially my Mom, she didn’t like me wearing it at all.”

“Now though, everything is totally fine. They know that make-up is something I love and they are super comfortable with it.”

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But just like Joel, his family still prefers him looking “more natural.”

“My family do think that I look really fake. They definitely do prefer me looking more natural than artificial but when I look in the mirror, I think I look gorgeous!”

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For now, Jonny has the complete support of his friend Jonathan, who comes with him for monthly fillers as well.

“I think Jonny is a real inspiration. He has shown me that being yourself is all that matters and that is true happiness.”

Image via Instagram / jonathandylan

“I look up to him and I would never discourage him from getting surgeries or procedures to look like a Ken doll. I think that he should go for whatever makes him happy.”

He also finds support on Instagram:

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