Man Hilariously Trolls Little Brother with Sad Songs After Just Getting Dumped

People have different ways of guiding their loved ones through grief, such as finishing a tub of ice cream together, binge-watching comfort movies, or simply offering a shoulder to cry on.

And then there’s Zak.

Zak, who goes by zoulfu on Twitter, posted a clip showing his younger brother go through what appeared to be his very first break up. Instead of doing any of the aforementioned acts of kindness, Zak decided to take a different route, relentlessly playing music that would make his brother weep bitterly.

Poor kid never saw it coming.

The clip, originally posted back in April, has only recently gone viral. It has since gathered over 7.48 million views as of the time of writing with more than 234,000 and 566,000 shares and likes, respectively, on the platform.

If anyone asks for the definition of “brotherly love”, just show them this video.

Chin up kid — something tells us you’ll be fine.

Images via Twitter / zoulfu

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