Man Harasses Asian Restaurant Worker With Racist Dog and Cat Jokes

Man Harasses Asian Restaurant Worker With Racist Dog and Cat JokesMan Harasses Asian Restaurant Worker With Racist Dog and Cat Jokes
Khier Casino
August 21, 2018
A man in Baton Rouge, Louisiana is being accused of racism after verbally harassing an elderly female employee while ordering takeout at a Chinese restaurant.
Len Martin, who resides in Los Angeles according to his Facebook page, recorded his exchange with an employee at a Chuck Lee’s Chinese branch in Donaldsonville. The video, which he posted to Facebook, has since been taken down but is available below.
“They trying play me at chuck lees like i dont know they cooking Cats and Dogs down here! Im on it ! Mite as well keep eating it! Exclusive underground video footage at chuck lees #joke I love this place and been eating from here for over 20 years! #greatpeople #greatfood#supportchucklee,” wrote Martin, who claims to have studied “phycologiste,” or the study of algae, at Southern University and A&M College.
The video starts off with the worker asking what kind of fried rice, to which Martin replied, “German Shepherd fried rice.”
He then tries to order a combination special of “sweet and sour German Shepherd with cat chicken.”
By the end of the video, Martin clarifies his order of sweet and sour chicken and Mandarin chicken to the confused woman.
While most of the comments found the video to be hilarious…
…other netizens who shared the post were not laughing.
“Hey, Len Martin! I’m glad you like eating cats & dogs but it’s quite clear this poor woman doesn’t know what you’re talking about. You must be at a low point in your life to actually do this & upload it. What a pathetic loser,” one viewer wrote.
“This is not okay 😪 
How can you stand in front of somebody’s mother or grandmother and talk to them like this? You realize how much it takes for someone to come to America and learn this difficult and stupid ass language that is English, and have to deal with your bullshit? 
As per your ‘joke’, disrespect is not comedy. ‘Ching Chong, you eat cats and dogs!’ OVERPLAYED. It’s fucking 2018. Come up with some better jokes at least, you ignorant human,” another commented.
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