Man’s Breathtaking Parkour Stunt in Singapore Is Absolute Insanity

A man who was filmed jumping on a series of pillars in Beach Road, Singapore, has gone viral on social media.

In a video shared by the All Singapore Stuff Facebook page, the man can be seen jumping without stopping across 15 horizontal pillars, swinging his arms each lunge.

The man — who jumped shirtless with a white cap and black shorts — completed the stunt in just 12 seconds.

Image via Facebook / All Singapore Stuff

The stunt was performed above a walkway that linked two housing blocks.

Image via Facebook / All Singapore Stuff

The video has gained over 89,000 views as of this writing.

Image via Facebook / All Singapore Stuff

A spokesperson for the estate’s management told the Straits Times that he learned about the video from a resident, but currently has no information about the parkour enthusiast.

Nonetheless, many were floored by the man’s skills:

Similar parkour stunts have been reported to Singapore police in the past.

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