Man Fractures Arm, Dislocates Elbow Trying to ‘Princess Carry’ His Girlfriend

Man Fractures Arm, Dislocates Elbow Trying to ‘Princess Carry’ His Girlfriend
Carl Samson
May 24, 2019
A man in central China fractured his arm after trying to please his girlfriend with a surprise “princess carry.”
The incident in Wuhan, Hubei province occurred while the couple celebrated the unofficial Chinese Valentine’s Day on May 20.
In his apparent excitement, the man, age 20, carried his 65-kilogram (143.3-pound) girlfriend out of the blue, hearing a loud crack in the process.
His right arm suffered from severe pain shortly after, prompting them to rush to a nearby hospital.
The “Princess Carry” (Representation Only)
A CT scan revealed that the romantic gesture left the young man with a fractured arm and a dislocated elbow.
“It was too late when I realized I couldn’t hold it,” the man said, according to Wuhan Evening News.
The man’s doctor explained that his injury may be caused by a lack of strength and faulty squatting — his girlfriend was heavier than himself.
Additionally, the “princess carry” may not only result in arm injuries but waist and back problems too, the doctor said.
CT scan of the man’s injury. Image via Sina News
It’s unclear if the man has already undergone surgery, which the hospital requires for his injury. Weibo users commented on the matter:
“Cherish life, stay single.”
“This little brother is too weak.”
“Now I’m afraid that such a thing happens.”
“I get scared when my boyfriend asks to princess-carry me because I think he can’t make it.”
“In the end, this must really be about the youth’s declining physical fitness, so stay tuned for a ‘scientific solution.’”
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