Thrift Store Worker Gets Fired, Goes on an Epic Intercom Rampage Blasting His Managers

For those among us who aren’t madly in love with their day jobs, fantasies of the day they can finally quit, stick it to your boss and tell everyone else you’ll see them in hell may be the only thing that keeps them going.
One recently fired thrift store employee decided it was his moment to shine as he had to have the final word when leaving a job he clearly despised.
(Warning: Language in the video is extremely NSFW.)
Right after getting his last check, which is followed by an exaggerated “thank you,” the man then walks up to a phone hooked up to the PA system of the store.
“Hold on right now ..Attention customers, the managers of Red White and Blue are c*nts. F*cking c*nts who do drugs all f*cking day. They’re c*nts. And they fired my ass when I ain’t called or off one mother f*ckin’ time.”
At this point, it’s presumed that the managers of the store rushed to the phone to get him off as he says
“I don’t give a f*ck. I don’t give a f*ck. I ain’t call out this bitch one time and you going to fire me because I put a fuckin’ ring on top of the refrigerator? Stupid bitch!”
While we aren’t sure of the exact circumstances for why he was fired, we can say with certainty that he won’t be using this place as a reference for his next job.
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