Exchange Student Finds $15,000 Worth of Hidden Treasures in His New Apartment in China

A young man from New Mexico was in for a big surprise when he discovered a Chinese treasure box worth thousands inside one of the wall cabinets at his new apartment in eastern China.

Kendal Fortson, a composer and painter, recently moved into his girlfriend’s apartment in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, where he recorded the event in a video that he planned to send to his parents.

“I really like rugs. A little bit of nostalgia and homesickness, I have this to look at,” he said about a rug from New Mexico.

Everything looked just like another apartment tour video, until he stumbled upon wall panels that turned out to be cabinets.

His girlfriend, Diana Kasabieva, had no idea about the storage space despite having lived there for a while.

“No way! You can open it? I had no idea,” she said. “There’s a thing in it though… what’s that?”

Kasabieva pointed at the object hidden in the third panel, which Fortson opened. He pulled out a small tin box and opened it.

To their surprise, it contained $2,000 in Chinese money, seven gold coins and a piece of jade.

Fortson believes everything inside the box to be worth around $15,000.

“So Diana and I just found this like box of treasures,” he said. “We’re excited, we’re kind of celebrating, having hot totties.”

For now, the couple plans to spend some of the cash for a trip to Bali in time for the Spring Festival.

Watch their luck unfold below:

Photos: Screenshots via Antlion Entertainment/YouTube

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