Man Loses Eyesight After Playing Mobile Games All Night

Man Loses Eyesight After Playing Mobile Games All NightMan Loses Eyesight After Playing Mobile Games All Night
Ryan General
November 14, 2019
A man’s video game addiction has reportedly resulted in the temporary blindness of one of his eyes, a Chinese hospital has concluded.
After playing mobile games on his phone all night, the patient tried to continue where he left off shortly after waking up the next day. However, he lost vision from his left eye five minutes into his game, according to QQ via MailOnline.
Shortly after his sight failed to recover on its own, he went to Shenzhen Songgang Hospital. In a social media statement last Thursday, the doctors from the hospital attributed his condition to a hemorrhage in his eye, caused by a rupture in his superficial retinal vessels.
Caused by strenuous physical effort, the condition is known as valsalva retinopathy results in cloudy or hazy vision, partial loss of vision or complete loss of vision for sufferers. The man, who underwent corrective laser eye surgery, is expected to recover in a month.
Image via Pear Video
A similar incident occurred with another man who went blind in one eye last month after suffering an “eye stroke” after using his smartphone in bed. According to his doctors in Xi’an, the patient, identified only as Wang, also lost his eyesight temporarily while playing games with the lights off.
Wang reportedly suffered central retinal artery occlusion, which is also known as an eye stroke. The condition, which affects 1% of the global population, is caused by a blockage or narrowing of the arteries that supply oxygen to the retina.
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