Man and His Dog Get Paid $261 a Month to Guard Abandoned Luxury Apartments in China

A 75-year-old man from China and his pet dog are the only gatekeepers of an abandoned “ghost villa” located in eastern China.

The Chinese man, surnamed Gao, gets paid 1,800 yuan ($261) per month to guard abandoned and unfinished luxury apartments that sprawl on a 130,000 square meters of land in Anhui Province.

According to South China Morning Post, Gao and his dog watch over the apartment complex during the day to prevent people from stealing construction equipment that is still around. Gao was hired by the Sun Century Group in 2009 when the project first started.

However, it was suspended two years ago, leaving the old man and his dog to guard the huge property where he is only provided a tiny and dusty room space that serves as his home.

The luxury apartment project that received a massive investment of $43.5 million was shelved due to a radical decision made by the local government in 2011. The city of Chaohu, where the complex is located, shut down and neighboring cities like Wuhu, Maanshan, and Hefei welcomed around 4 million of its population.

This villa is just one of the many projects in China that has been left half-finished, usually the result of poor urban planning and hasty urbanization that’s happening all around the country. 

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