Thai man cremates his wife’s body after keeping it in his home for 21 years

Thai man cremates his wife’s body after keeping it in his home for 21 years
Michelle De Pacina
May 3, 2022
A man from Bangkok just recently had his wife’s body cremated after having kept it in a coffin in his home in Thailand’s Bang Khen district since her death 21 years ago.
Chan Chanwatcharakarn, a 72-year-old retired military officer, said he had intended to stay with his wife’s body until his death because he couldn’t bear to be separated from his soulmate.
His wife, who had been an official at the Ministry of Health in Bangkok, died from a brain aneurysm due to high blood pressure in 2001. 
While Chan grieved for the past 21 years, he said he would speak to his wife every day as if she were still alive. Chan described the beginning of their relationship as “love at first sight.” They had two children together, and he said they never fought throughout their marriage. 
The Thai man contacted the Petchkasem Krungthep Foundation after realizing his wife might not receive a proper cremation and funeral if he were to pass away. The foundation helped Chan arrange the funeral, which took place at Wat Sakorn Sunprachasan on April 30.
According to the foundation, they found his wife’s body in a “dry condition” at Chan’s home, which they described as a “storage facility” located in a “wasteland” area with many trees. 
The ashes of his wife were placed in an urn, which Chan intends to keep until he passes away.
“I still miss you every minute and my love for you has not changed,” Chan reportedly said.
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