Chinese Man Angry at His Sons is Cremated Along with His $36,000 in Life Savings

One Chinese man decided he’d rather burn more than $36,000 of his money than will it to his two neglectful sons.

The man, a Jiangsu province farmer surnamed Tao, was reportedly angry that his sons did not take care of him in his old age and dictated that his entire life savings be cremated along with his body after his death.

State-run CCTV reported that Yang Lin, an employee at a local crematory, said he witnessed a cremation with “thousands in cash burning inside the furnace along with the body” months ago, according to The Times of India.

Tao had given his rural farm to his two sons 10 years ago and moved to a small rented house in the city to make money by picking up trash.

When Tao felt he could no longer do the heavy manual labor because of his old age, he asked his sons if either would let him live out the rest of his life with them. Both reportedly declined with different excuses.

His sons reportedly waited outside while another man carried out Tao’s wish to burn his savings of 210,000 yuan ($36,225).

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