Man Completely Loses it After His Son’s Girlfriend Tells Him the Earth is Flat

Local authorities in Ontario, Canada were on the hunt for a 56-year-old dad after a dispute between him and his son’s girlfriend about the real shape of the Earth escalated on Monday.
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The woman reportedly insisted that the Earth is flat while her boyfriend’s father argued that the Earth is round. Neither party would change their views.
According to the Brockville Police report, the older man got frustrated after the heated debate and began throwing the couples’ things into a campfire. One of the items thrown was a propane tank that eventually caused a bigger fire. The dad immediately fled the scene before the police arrived.
Brockville Police and firefighters responded immediately to the scene and extinguished the flames.
The man was eventually caught by police after he was admitted to a local hospital with injuries sustained while he was intoxicated. The police report read:
“On June 14th at 12:53 am, Brockville Police responded with ambulance to a south end street for an intoxicated male.
“The local 56-year-old had fallen and suffered injuries to his face. He was taken to hospital for treatment and monitoring. The problem is, he was on bail conditions that included not to be out of his residence when consuming alcohol.
“Police attended hospital this morning and took him into custody for breaching his recognizance. He is currently being held for a bail hearing.”
While humanity has known that the Earth is round for since 600 B.C., there are still a few who insist that the world is flat. In January, rapper B.o.B. announced on Twitter that he believes that the Earth is actually flat – and “we’ve all been fooled.”
Modern flat-Earthers believe that the Earth is a flat disc with the Arctic Circle in the center and NASA-protected Antarctica at the rim of a 150-foot-tall wall of ice.
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