Chinese Man Chugs 2.5 Liters of Australian Milk When He Can’t Bring it on the Plane

Many people online are astonished after a man chugged 2.5 liters of milk when airport security barred him from flying because he exceeded the limit of liquid he could carry on the plane.

The man, believed to be from Henan province, China was at the end of his trip to Australia when the airport security asked him to leave the jug of milk even though it was only slightly over the amount of liquid he’s allowed to carry on the plane, according to Chinese media via Shanghaiist.


Not wanting for it all to go to waste, the man decided to just chug the whole 2.5 liters of Australian milk at the airport. He tried his best to give it a one, non-stop chug, and many passers-by were amazed by his stunt.

The man later went viral on Chinese social media after someone filmed him doing the jaw-dropping feat.

Featured image screenshot via Pear Video

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