Man in China Makes a Lavish Bouquet Out of $52,000 for His Girlfriend’s Birthday

A man in southern China prepared a giant bouquet of banknotes to the tune of 334,000 yuan ($52,283) for his girlfriend’s birthday.

The lavish party reportedly took place in a VIP room on the 61st floor of a hotel in Chongqing on May 16.

Photos from the event show the birthday celebrant wearing a sparkling gown while holding the fat bouquet of cash.

The woman was also surrounded by other decorations made of 100-yuan bills.

According to The Cover, seven flower shop employees took 10 hours to prepare the whole set-up.

The man reportedly spent a total of 334,000 yuan ($52,200) for the cash props.

But the photos, which have since gone viral, attracted the attention of the People’s Bank of China, which accused the man of violating the law.

Apparently, using yuan bills to make bouquets is considered “damaging” to the currency and therefore prohibited.

A spokesperson said that the yuan is China’s legal currency and represents the country’s image, Sina News reported.

He reminded the public that there are many ways to express romance, but certainly not through ways that violate laws.

Still, talk about a grand gesture!

Featured Images via Sina News

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