Man Charged With Sexual Assault in Taiwan Gropes Women in Courthouse During Hearing

Man Charged With Sexual Assault in Taiwan Gropes Women in Courthouse During HearingMan Charged With Sexual Assault in Taiwan Gropes Women in Courthouse During Hearing
Bryan Ke
May 23, 2018
An American man sexually assaulted several women in a Taiwanese courthouse during his hearing for a separate sexual assault charge from earlier this year.
The man, identified as 36-year-old Joseph Aron, was summoned to the Shilin District Court on May 21 for the sexual assault that he committed in January. According to Taipei Times, he groped and hugged a woman walking down an alley near Zhongshan MRT Station exit in Taipei and then fondled another woman’s breasts and buttocks.
The women reported Aron, who was promptly taken into police custody. He was reportedly violent and drunk, yelling expletives at officers and cursing at other countries, saying “F*** you Japan” and “F*** you Korea.”
Aron, who had entered Taiwan on a tourist visa, reportedly came to the courthouse on Monday reeking of alcohol. As soon as he entered the building, he smiled and stared lustily at a female police officer behind a glass barrier, China Times reported via Taiwan News. He was also laughing maniacally, which prompted the officer to call for help.
After the officer requested back up, Aron started becoming physical and unruly. He pressed his body against a different woman’s arm and lewdly whispered into her ear that he wanted to get to know her better, saying, “Hey good morning, nice to meet you, I’m Tom.”
The woman immediately fled, running towards nearby bailiffs for protection. She was pursued by Aron, who then turned his attention to a female bailiff and grabbed her buttocks from behind.
After groping his second victim, Aron ran away, grabbing another woman’s buttocks before he was finally apprehended. Police verified that he had been drinking and added that he will now face additional charges.
A Chinese official who witnessed the event was shocked by what happened. “It was outrageous behavior,” the authority figure said. “He was acting despicable. It seemed like he did not care for our justice system.”
The judge set his bail to NT$30,000 ($1,000 USD), but Aron claimed he did not have the money. He also asked for a refund of his previous bail of NT$2,000 ($667.00). As he did not post bail, he is currently in police detention.
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