Man Caught Taking Photos of Woman on Bus Leaves Internet Divided on Who’s to Blame

Man Caught Taking Photos of Woman on Bus Leaves Internet Divided on Who’s to Blame
Ryan General
March 16, 2017
Netizens’ responses are somehow split over a man who was captured on video secretly taking photos of a sleeping woman’s breasts inside a bus in Malaysia.
The footage, which was recorded by another passenger who was seated behind the two, has since gone viral after it was uploaded on Facebook page Durian Kopi O last week.
In the clip, the man is shown casually taking pictures of his seatmate via his smartphone. Close-ups of the woman’s chest can be seen as he browses through the images he just took.
Disturbingly, while many have rightfully castigated the indecent photographer, there are those who blamed the woman for wearing tight-fitting clothes.
“The woman is at fault … as females, we should wear loose clothes in public, instead, she is dressed in a tight outfit. When her assets are touched, then she gets angry … ” a female Facebook user wrote, according to Malaysia Chronicle.
Others countered the view, explaining that sexual predators still prey on women even if they are fully clothed.
“Instead of teaching women to cover themselves up, why not teach men to act decently?” a netizen responded. “All I see here is a perverted man taking advantage of a woman’s body while she is not aware. I would’ve shouted at him and called the police to get him locked up! This man is disgusting and an embarrassment to humanity!”
While the man may have gotten away with his not so stealthy voyeurism, he did not escape the scathing criticisms from the netizens who called him out for being the pervert that he is.
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