Man Brutally Beats His Young Taiwanese Girlfriend In Public, Forgiven Immediately

Man Brutally Beats His Young Taiwanese Girlfriend In Public, Forgiven Immediately
Ryan General
November 25, 2016
A 24-year-old Taiwanese woman received a brutal beating under the hands of her middle-aged Canadian lover in the streets of Taipei in the late evening on Sunday. Despite being terribly hurt, however, the victim, revealed to be a college student in Taipei, reportedly chose not to press any charges.
The assault, made in public around midnight, was witnessed by several bystanders in the area who immediately alerted local authorities, Taiwan News reported. Upon their arrival, the responding officers stopped the altercation by separating the couple. The injured woman was escorted to a near hospital. A security camera footage of a portion of the incident showed a man savagely attacking a woman at a crosswalk.

The police later revealed that the couple has been involved in physical altercations several times in the past after having some drinks. During those occasions, no charges have ever been filed.
The woman, identified only by her surname Chen, and her 40-year-old Canadian boyfriend named “Dennis,” were having an argument along the street when things began to escalate. An ensuing brawl would later result in the woman getting pummeled into the ground by her man. Traces of blood were found on the paper bag Chen left on the scene along the pieces of her shattered glasses, police said.

According to police records, the couple’s neighbors have reported about them numerous times, noting how Chen was often beaten by her boyfriend. Chen’s case has been forwarded to the city’s Center for Prevention of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault. Social workers are also expected to pay a visit to the woman soon.
It is also reported that Chen’s parents knew about the several beatings that their daughter have endured in the past but said they were unable to persuade her to break up with him.
“We can’t help because she has fallen in love. We can only wish her a happy life,” the parents said.
Chen reportedly even plans to marry Dennis in the future.
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