Man Brutally Attacks Woman in Front of Her Child After She Asked Him to Stop Smoking

A man in China suddenly attacked a woman who asked him to stop smoking in the elevator they were riding because her child was present.

The incident was captured by an elevator surveillance camera at a building in Langfang, Hebei province on October 12.

As seen in the footage, the man in business attire violently threw punches at a helpless woman, all before the eyes of her child.

She tried defending herself from the series of blows that hit her in the head and face, but the man was too aggressive.

Moments later, she pulled out her phone in an attempt to record her situation.

The door eventually opened and the woman pursued her attacker, leaving her child alone.

The woman, surnamed Li, informed cops that it all started when she asked the man to stop smoking for the sake of her child.

Netizens who witnessed the violent encounter rallied for a manhunt to bring the attacker to justice.

One criticized Li for leaving her child (via People’s Daily):

“Oh my God, mom. Did you just leave your child alone in an elevator to pursue a fight? Where were the mother’s instincts in all of this, because that is really what I would be trying to protect – just a good thing the kid stayed out of the way on her own apparently.”

Authorities are now searching for the attacker, according to Shanghaiist.

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