Man Tries to Sue Ex-GF for ‘Breaking’ His Penis During Break-Up Sex

A man in Taiwan barged into a police station with only a hat to cover his private parts to report his ex-girlfriend for “breaking” his penis.

The man, identified as Wang, claimed that he and his ex-girlfriend had agreed to have sex before parting ways — also known as “breakup sex.”


However, Wang alleged that his ex-girlfriend deliberately planned to injure his genitals, according to ET Today.

Police then explained that charges can only be pressed if his claims were caught on video.

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Wang, who lives in Tainan City, said that he had enough of his ex-girlfriend’s controlling attitude.

For an apparent lack of evidence, it seems he will not be able to sue her, after all.

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Some speculated Wang’s case to be a penile fracture, which happens when an erect penis is bent forcefully, resulting in a rupture in the lining of one of the two cylindrical tissues (corpus cavernosum) in the penis, according to the Mayo Clinic.

While rare, the condition often results as an accident during copulation, showing signs such as a cracking sound, immediate loss of erection and bruising.

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Wang said that his penis now looks like “a swollen saxophone.”

Instead of being “broken,” a urologist in Tainan pointed out that the penis may be congested and swollen — similar cases have been treated in the past, SET News reported.

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