Man Boards Tokyo’s Women-Only Carriage and Starts Mansplaining, Ends Up With Shame and Regret

Man Boards Tokyo’s Women-Only Carriage and Starts Mansplaining, Ends Up With Shame and RegretMan Boards Tokyo’s Women-Only Carriage and Starts Mansplaining, Ends Up With Shame and Regret
Bryan Ke
August 3, 2018
A video of a man boarding a women-only carriage on the Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line posted last month is causing an uproar online.
The clip, which was uploaded to YouTube on July 8, shows a man filming himself as he enters a women-only train carriage.
In Japan, it is not illegal for men to enter a carriage specifically for women, according to SoraNews24.
The staff stood in front of him without saying a word and did not ask him to board another carriage.
The man was surprised that there were no other men inside the carriage. A female passenger told the man that “It’s because this is a woman’s only carriage.”
The man responded by saying, “I don’t recognize this as a women’s only carriage. Just because you say it is doesn’t mean it has to be. Don’t lie.” A heated argument between the man and the ladies aboard the carriage ensued.
He then tells the woman who spoke to him to “mind her manners” when she started applying makeup on the train. However, another woman jumped to her defense saying, “Can I ask you to be quiet?”
The man told her that she’s being annoying, to which she replied, “You’re the one who’s being the most annoying.”
A third woman joined the heated exchange by telling the man, “Don’t you think you should change cars?”
But he argued that the carriage can be used by anybody, and if he moves, they should move to another train as well.
The man continues to tell the women that they cannot enforce any rules because they are not employees of the station.
At this point, the women give up on arguing with the man, but he continued to express anger at the women’s comments.
The women then apologized in a sarcastic way just to make the man stop ranting. The tactic worked and the arguments ceased for the rest of the ride until the man tried to get off the train.
As he was trying to make his way to the opposite door, the woman, whom he had an argument with at the start of the video, can be seen standing in front of him, prompting the man to say, “Please don’t block me.”
After the hurdle, the man successfully maneuvered his way out of the crowded train, but only to find himself in an embarrassing situation when someone allegedly pulled him back as he was exiting the carriage.
He fell and rolled around on the floor saying he was hurt. That’s when a station attendant went to see what was happening.
The man explained that he was blocked and later pulled from the back by one of the passengers inside as he was trying to exit the carriage. While the attendant appears to talk calmly with the man, he continued to make a scene by calling out the woman to talk to the attendant of the station as well.
The train was delayed as he told the woman to come out and asked the staff not to close the train doors.
As the video ends, the man said he spoke with the station staff and discussed “the problems related to women-only carriages.”
No actions have been taken on the incident.
The purpose of the woman-only carriages is to prevent male-female groping on trains. This train only runs during peak times between 7:10-9:30 a.m. on certain stations on the Chiyoda line, including from Ayase to Yoyogi-Uehara.
Featured Image via Wikimedia Commons / (CC BY-SA 3.0)
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