Man Catches Girlfriend Cheating On Him, Rents Billboard to Breakup With Her


A verbal breakup isn’t always easy, but this Indonesian man took a bitter moment to a whole new level by renting out a billboard to announce his breakup. 

According to World of Buzz, the man apparently found out that his girlfriend cheated on him and decided to end the relationship.

Video of the incident is now circulating on Twitter, with the couple arguing in public and a shot of the huge billboard, which shows the woman’s face and text that reads: “You have broken my heart. You cheated on me. I want to break up.”

The tweet, which was posted on Saturday, March 29, has already been shared and liked over 30,000 and 18,200 times, respectively. However, it isn’t exactly clear where the video was taken, nor whether or not this is merely a publicity stunt.

Feature image screenshot via Twitter / myxzyptlx

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