Man Arrested After Photos of Him Molesting a Young Girl in Train Station Go Viral in China

Authorities in China arrested a man caught brazenly molesting a young girl in Nanjing train station after photos of the man circulated online.

The series of photos appeared on Weibo, showing a young girl sitting on a man’s lap. However, in a much closer inspection, netizens can see that the man in question seems to be groping the young girl as his hand is seen inside her dress.

Netizens were disgusted by the images. Some even wondered how some bystanders let the horrible moment go on, most especially when they were just beside and in front of the man and the minor during the time of the incident.

Luckily, Nanjing Railway Station Police officially confirmed to The Paper earlier on Monday that the man in question had been arrested, according to Shanghaiist. It was also confirmed that the incident happened inside the Nanjing South Railway Station.

Police reports revealed that the man is believed to be around 20 years old while the girl is estimated to be less than 14 years old. Police also established the relationship between the man and the girl, but no further information was revealed in the interest of protecting the minor’s identity. 

Weibo users, as what the report indicates, are now trying to determine the identity of the male suspect.

Images via Weibo

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