Man Arrested Over Brutal Attack on Helpless Kangaroo in Australia

Man Arrested Over Brutal Attack on Helpless Kangaroo in AustraliaMan Arrested Over Brutal Attack on Helpless Kangaroo in Australia
A graphic video showing a man brutally killing a helpless kangaroo with a knife has gone viral on social media.
The shocking clip, which first appeared on Chinese instant messaging service QQ, has been viewed almost 4 million times on the site, according to ABC.
Believed to be filmed in Australia, the footage shows a man speaking in Chinese as he repeatedly slashed at animal’s throat with his knife. The struggling kangaroo attempted to strike back at him but the man was able to avoid being hit.
“Just face it, that’s your fate, let me finish this as early as I can,” the man said.
He grabbed the animal by its tail and held it down by its foot. According to Shanghaiist, the man then stabbed the kangaroo’s neck 19 times until it finally stopped struggling.
The person behind the camera can also be heard laughing while recording the killing, which some viewers pointed out is possibly a mercy killing intended to end the suffering of a wounded animal.
The poor marsupial, identified as an Eastern Grey kangaroo, is a protected wildlife in Australia.
Viewers who found the video online reported it to Victoria’s Department of Environment, Land, Water, and Planning (DELWP). Local authorities arrested the unnamed 43-year-old man on Wednesday night after the video went viral.
Weapons, such as firearms and knives, were confiscated from his home at Ringwood, in eastern Melbourne. According to the wildlife officers, the man has been charged with a count of destroying protected wildlife. “The wildlife offenses captured in this video are particularly abhorrent,” said Glenn Sharp, one of the officials in the department.
The man is currently out on a bail and will later face the Ringwood Magistrates Court. If convicted, he could face six to 24 months in jail with a fine of up to $38,000. Other individuals who may also have been involved in the animal cruelty attack, are being looked into by DELWP.
Video warning: Extremely graphic footage, viewer’s discretion is advised.
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