Man Involved in Past Anti-Asian Incidents Arrested For Spitting at Asian Couple in Canada

A man from Ontario, Canada, who had earlier faced charges for an anti-Asian incident in March, was arrested again for harassing an Asian couple. 

What happened: The 21-year-old suspect allegedly went on a racist rant and spat on the pair as they were walking in a secluded area of a south-end park in Guelph on Tuesday morning, CTV News reported. 

  • The couple first noticed the suspect following them closely from behind around 10:45 a.m. According to the victims, the suspect had followed them before.
  • When the couple changed direction, feeling uncomfortable, the man ran in front of them, ranted and spat at them several times.
  • Shortly after, Guelph Police Service officers arrived and apprehended the suspect, who they found in the park by himself.
  • He told investigators he blamed Asian people for bringing COVID-19 to Canada.
  • The man was charged with assault and criminal harassment. He is set to appear in bail court on Thursday.

Previous incidents: Before his recent arrest, the unnamed suspect was already facing charges of criminal harassment and causing a disturbance for an incident involving an Asian victim.

  • On March 28, he reportedly yelled at Aaliyah Subang while she was walking her dog, blaming Asians for COVID-19, reported Guelph Today
  • Following the first incident, police initially sent out a statement saying there were no grounds for charges from the incident, according to CTV News.
  • The man was arrested over a week later after local authorities said they could identify additional incidents involving the man in the city.
  • The suspect allegedly followed another Asian woman home on March 29, stood in front of the house, and made animal sounds. 
  • Last December, the same man got into a verbal confrontation with the manager of a local business after refusing to wear a mask.

Featured Image via GuelphPoliceService

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