Man Agrees to Run Over Cancer-Stricken Friend With Van, Gets Charged With Murder

A man who ran over a cancer-stricken friend begging him to do so to end her pain is now on trial for murder in Jiangsu Province, eastern China.

Wu, who suffered from cervical cancer, had been going through chemotherapy for years.

She was diagnosed in May 2008, according to Sina News.

She eventually found her pain unbearable and began to ask her friend, Xu, to run her over with his van last May.

Xu, who lived on the same village, agreed to Wu’s wishes, while her husband Wang vowed that they will not hold him accountable in the aftermath.

The heartbreaking moment occurred on the evening of June 15.

As seen in a dashcam footage, Xu drives straight ahead Wu along a dark street around 9 p.m.

According to People’s Daily, Xu called the police after that move, and to ensure that his friend was dead, ran over her a second time in reverse.

However, Wu survived and was brought to a hospital, but refused treatment and demanded that she be sent home, where she died days later.

Xu and Wang faced the Jurong City People’s Court on April 3 for intentional homicide. Wu’s son appealed for leniency for Xu and his father.

The court determined that Wu died of multiple organ failure and that being run over barely affected her death.

Images via Pear Video

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