Male Boss Forces Female Workers to Line Up and Kiss Him Every Morning in China

A male boss in China has a very unusual way of what he claims as a way to boost employee morale and maintain good work relationships in his company: by kissing each one of his female employees on the lips every morning.
According to China Press (via The Star), the employer allegedly kisses his female staff as a daily morning routine to “foster good relationships among colleagues.”
The company, which sells home brewery machinery in Tongzhou District, Beijing, employs mostly women workers, according to
As a company policy, the female employees were required to line up to receive their daily dose of “fostering of relationships” every morning between 9 a.m. and 9:30 a.m.
While many have expressed reluctance to the abusive practice, almost all of the female employees eventually gave in and let their boss have his way. Two female employees, however, refused and later on resigned.
The unnamed owner of the Beijing-based company claimed he created the rule out of an idea he got from an American company that practiced the same daily gesture/harassment. The fruits of such practice, he said, resulted in the harmonious relationships his employees now have.
Public outcry of the practice however, went ablaze on social media after the video clip of the man kissing his staff was uploaded and went viral online. 
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