Malaysian Woman Cuddles With Wild Crocodile She Found in Her Backyard Like It’s NBD


A woman in Malaysia is facing backlash after cuddling a crocodile she found at home.

Azy Nadia Aziz, 22, found the reptile at the back of her house in Kota Bharu in the Malaysian state of Kelantan last week.


In a video, Aziz is seen stroking the crocodile resting on her lap like a doll.

The reptile, measuring 1.5 meters (4.92 feet) long, presumably came from the river behind her residence.

“I saw the crocodile not moving and not aggressive, so I caught it and brought it into the house,” said Aziz, according to Harian Metro.

However, she released it back to the river later.

“I took pictures [and videos] with the beast over my shoulder before releasing it back to the river that night.”

While Aziz enjoyed her time with the crocodile, some netizens reportedly found it disturbing.

“Stop criticising me as I did not keep it as a pet. I only captured it for a while,” she said, according to Inquirer.

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