Woman Surprises Boyfriend With $1,300 Brake Kit to Fix Car


One Malaysian man has become the envy of many after his girlfriend paid for a new brake kit and the additional costs to repair his car.

Facebook user Aaron Gan shared the story of his girlfriend’s gifts in a Facebook group post on Sunday, according to World of Buzz.

Screenshot via Aaron Gan

In the post, Gan explained how the brake for his Mazda broke down, and it would cost him a total of 5,300 Malaysian Ringgit (around $1,300) for a brand new, factory-priced brake kit and repairs.

He also said he wanted to change something in his car, but he did not share anything specific.

Image via Aaron Gan

Instead of encouraging him, Gan’s girlfriend tried to persuade him not to do anything yet. This was a part of her plan. She reportedly covered all the expenses for Gan’s car, including the brand new baby blue brake calipers and the cost to repair and install them.

Image via Aaron Gan

“Thank you for your love, I have never thought of getting anything in return for taking care of you,” Gan said. “Thank you sponsor, for my gift, Nashin N3 Big 4 Pot Monoblock Caliper.”

Image via Aaron Gan

Images via Aaron Gan

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